Michael Warner

Delaware Valley Tri-state area · (856) 217-1182 · mwarner1040@gmail.com

Software engineer who enjoys debugging and tackling challenging tech problems. Experienced in React, Rails, JavaScript, SQL, GraphQL, HTML, CSS3, Docker, Webpack, Heroku, Firebase, AWS S3, MongoDB, and Redux.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Advanced SQL Database Queries
  • Git workflow in a team
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • React / Redux
  • Vanilla JavaScript



Technologies Used: Rails, React, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Heroku, and AWS S3

Clone of Tumblr. Employed a PostgreSQL database with Rails on the server-side. Used React for all components on the frontend, along with Redux to handle global application state. Incorporated a flexible, application-wide modal which selectively renders distinct forms depending on changes in a slice of the Redux store.

Live Link
Built in 12 days

Juggernaut’s Revenge

Technologies Used: Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Canvas, and Firebase

Typing game themed around the X-Men villain "The Juggernaut." Designed the game to monitor the x and y coordinates of objects within the canvas element to handle the app’s wall-smashing collision logic. A recursive call involving the requestAnimationFrame method continuously renders the game environment. The fun arcade music in the background is mutable.

Live Link
Built in six days


Technologies Used: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, GraphQL, AWS S3, CSS3, Git, and React

Jokingly themed clone of Pinterest seeded with generically boring topics (i.e. curling, pottery). Team project where all three members leveraged a stable git workflow complete with remote branches and pull requests to ensure clean merges to master. Implemented a throttled feed of the pin index to mitigate get requests to AWS.

Live Link
Built in 9 days

Dungeon Chat

Technologies Used: Express, Node.js, CSS3, Git, VS Code Live Share, React, MongoDB

Dungeons and Dragons themed application based off the website Role Gate. Coded and debugged application primarily on teammates' sessions through VS Code's Live Share feature. App allows friends to play Dungeons and Dragons through a chatroom. Implemented a roll of the die that mirrors a traditional Dungeons and Dragons dice roll.

Live Link
Built in 11 days

Education & Lab Background

Rowan University

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Active in Dr. Timothy Vaden's lab studying the properties of ionic liquids | 2014
First recipient of the full tuition Forman Acton Scholarship

GPA: 3.64

September 2010 - December 2014

Drexel University College of Medicine

Sole lab technician in the Van Bockstaele lab

Sectioned rodent brains for tissue samples primarily of the amygdala, prefrontal cortex, and locus coeruleus. Maintained and tuned the lab’s Transmission Electron Microscope, ultramicrotome, and cryostat. Kept track of lab inventory and grant expenditures. Assisted in all experiments.

April 2015 - March 2017

App Academy

Software Engineering Course

Rigorous 1000-hour software engineering curriculum with a strong focus on full stack web development

Coursework: Rails, SQL, JS, React, MongoDB, GraphQL, Docker, TDD, algorithms, design patterns, and programming best practices.

March 2019 - September 2019


Aside from software engineering, I enjoy reading and writing science fiction/fantasy. Whenever I have a spare moment I love playing the piano. Basketball is my preferred sport for recreation, but I love watching football too.

I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. In particular I enjoy listening to the Syntax Web Development podcast, the Locked on Fantasy Basketball podcast, Writing Excuses, along with This Week in Startups.